Free-roam, Epic Scale, Multiplayer VR


80s-Retro Game Show

Undead Arena

*This experience is rated Mature 18 (Restricted to Persons Aged 18 and Above).
Players must be at least 18 years old.
Rise to Stardom

The successor to Zombie Survival, one of the most popular VR experiences of all time, Undead Arena is Zero Latency’s latest, arcade-style cooperative experience that takes zombie-slaying with friends to a new level.

From the creators of the first free-roam virtual reality zombie survival game, now’s your chance to find out if you'll survive the apocalypse!

Switch quickly between assault rifle, shotgun and crossbow and lay waste to zombies at any range, in your style. Discover traps across the arena and trigger them at the perfect moment to toast zombies by the dozen. Calmly talk your teammates through strategic plays and lead them to stardom, or yell from the sheer horror of it all. Just survive.


Be the stars of an intense, post-apocalyptic game show in an ‘80s-retro world! The only thing standing between you and stardom... is an undead horde... Fight your way up through waves of zombies within a multi-level arena for the enjoyment of a crowd hungry for mayhem, and the amusement of one wildly enthusiastic game show host.

Win, and become legends. Lose, and join the horde.

Get Ready To Raid

Sol Raiders

The Search For Sol

Form your crew and pilot your combat rig. Blistering, team-based combat awaits! The winners make the score. The losers are just scrap metal.


Earth is gone… The last remnants of humanity are traveling the universe in search of new worlds… and new wealth. The aliens left behind Sol, a power source unlike any other. If you get the Sol, you’ve got it made. But it won’t be easy as everyone is chasing it!

Find The Cure

Outbreak Origins

*This experience is rated Mature 18 (Restricted to Persons Aged 18 and Above).
Players must be at least 18 years old.
Battle To Find A Cure

Attack helicopters buzz overhead, guns ablaze. Amongst all the chaos is a shadow group that seems to be at the root of the outbreak. Who are they? Arm yourself with assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and take advantage of more powerful weapons on your mission to find the cure!


A deadly virus is wreaking havoc, creating hordes of zombies that are taking over the cities. Your squad needs to do something quick! Prepare yourself for epic battles on your mission to find a cure. The dead are walking and a sinister new order is rising from the ashes.



*This experience is rated Advisory 16 (Unsuitable for Persons Under 16).
Players must be at least 16 years old.
Survive The Outbreak

Zombie Survival is an intense and immersive VR experience for those wanting to test their zombie apocalypse survival skills. You’ll need to work with your team to fend of swarms of ruthless zombies, rebuild defensive barriers and hope you can survive long enough for help to arrive.


Your team is trapped, bunkered in a fort, amidst the chaos brought on by a zombie outbreak. A rescue team is on its way but you must defend the fort from wave after wave of zombies and rebuild barriers to protect yourselves while you wait. Choose different weapons throughout the attack, including: assault rifle; pump-action shotgun for high damage in close quarters; highly accurate sniper rifle; or go all-out with the heavy assault rifle or fully automatic mini gun when the barriers fall.

Infinite Possibilities


Space Station Gone Dark

Wreak havoc on your robotic enemies with four weapon modes (scatter, beam, pulse rifle, or rail gun), all powerful enough to obliterate anything in your path. You’ll also be equipped with a deployable force shield that’ll keep you protected under heavy fire. To survive, work together with your team and find the answers you’re looking for.


Enter an immersive, interstellar-themed shooter where you’ll fight to the death against robots, killer drones and gun turrets as you explore the narrow corridors, lifts and zero-gravity environment of the space station. Your gravity boots may keep your feet firmly planted on the floor – or walls – but this intense space simulation will leave you feeling out of this world. Remember you are in space, and no one can hear you scream.

Impossible Worlds


Mind Bending Fun

Walk among flying whales and parrot rays and connect the platforms to progress through the puzzle. Colourful characters and bright, friendly music accompany you on the journey. Teamwork is key in this unique virtual reality game that lets you walk up and down ramps and twisty, curvy walls, defying gravity. Engineerium is suitable for all ages and is the first game to use VR to experience physics-based puzzles.


Escape into a fantastical ancient alien world, suspended above an ocean, where gravity does not function as expected. In fact, nothing is as expected in this world designed to test your ability to coordinate your mind and body.

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